The Innovation Universe® Master Class Series: GENERATE

Customer-Driven Problem Solving at the team + Business Unit level.

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GENERATE is the center of the innovation universe.  It involves how to get from ideation to launch but it also includes other areas that companies often overlook such as how to scale innovation, the ecosystems required to optimize innovation and how to track, report and measure innovation for the company.

Created by: Dr. Nancy Tennant

Requirements: The Innovation Universe Master Class Series: Introduction

Time:  GENERATE is broken down into 2 modules:
GENERATE A: 38 minutes + GENERATE B: 41 minute

One Module in the Series: This course includes one Module of the Universe Master Class Series. Select this option to view the module for GENERATE. To view the bundled series that includes GENERATE, go to the course titled 'Universe Master Class Series - Bundled.'

What Will I Learn

  • The importance of a unifying process that enables creativity, lean approaches, and involvement from everyone.
  • The X-Factor for scaling innovation.
  • How to find innovative collaborators, and how to be found.
  • How to track, report and measure innovation.

Course Description

  • Unifying Process- a set of common steps and language to equip everyone in your company to innovate
  • i-Mentors-the facilitators of innovation that are akin to Master Black Belts in six sigma, an X-Factor for scaling.
  • Ecosystems-how to engage open innovation and where to find strategic innovation partners.
  • iPipe + Metrics-how to continuously track and improve innovation metrics year over year as your organization learns and grows.

Course Curriculum

Select this course to view the GENERATE module of the Master Class series. Or to view the bundled series that includes the GENERATE module, select the Innovation Universe Master Class Series - Bundled.

Chapter 1:  Unifying Innovation Process

    Tool:  Innovation Project Plan MVA (Minimum Viable Approach - Tool)

Chapter 2:  iMentors
     Tool:  iMentor Test MVA (Minimum Viable Approach - Tool)
Chapter 3:  EcoSystems
     Tool:  Open Innovation Readiness Test: Link to 100 Open Website MVA (Minimum Viable Approach - Tool)

Chapter 4:  iPipe + Metrics
     Tool:  6 Steps to I-Pipe MVA (Minimum Viable Approach - Tool)

Who is the Target Audience? 

This Series is for innovators who work in companies; for iMentors or facilitators of innovation; and for innovation leads charged with creating or sustaining innovation in their company. It is for those who have experienced the fog of innovation and who want a non-branded, no-“genius”-required explanation and approach for everyone in your company.


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 The recommendations and ideas presented in the Innovation Universe® Masterclass Series are the results of best practices and thought leadership but are not a guarantee of results. Please use your judgment, business requirements and leadership alignment to determine what works best for you and your company.

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Dr. Nancy Tennant
Dr. Nancy Tennant
Professor, Consultant, Author, Practitioner, Speaker

About the instructor

Dr. Nancy Tennant is a consultant, professor and best-selling author in innovation, leadership and organization change. She is one of the world’s leading pioneers and practitioners in transforming businesses to achieve innovation from everyone and everywhere.

Businessweek named Dr. Tennant one of the 25 Innovation Champions in the world. She is an instructor at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business where she is also on the Advisory Group of the Harry L. Davis Center for Leadership, an incubator for new perspectives on leadership; and at The University of Notre Dame Mendoza College of Business where she co-founded the top-rated Certified Innovation Mentor and I-Mentor Boot Camp Programs. She is a frequent public speaker to “C” level audiences around the world.

She is the Chief Innovation Officer Emeritus for Whirlpool Corporation where she reported to the Chairman and CEO for over 17 years; transforming Whirlpool into an innovation powerhouse resulting in acclaim from publications such as Fast Company and Fortune while creating billions in new revenue from innovation. Dr. Tennant was also responsible for leadership development, core competencies, and organization growth. She co-founded Whirlpool University, with an enrollment of over 17,000 students per year from 170 countries.

She is the co-author of numerous articles including The 5 Requirements of a Truly Innovative Company (Hamel & Tennant). She is the co-author of three best-selling books: Unleashing Innovation; Mastering Virtual Teams and Strategic Innovation. She is currently working on her eLearning series and new book Innovation Universe.

Dr. Tennant holds a doctorate from The George Washington University. She is the President Emeritus of The First Tee of Benton Harbor, a not-for-profit organization that offers life skills to at-risk youth. She is an artist, writer, and poet.